Banff Centre, May 11-14-2017, organized by Kathrin Koslicki (University of Alberta)

The 2017 Hylomorphism Conference was devoted to an in-depth examination of the doctrine of hylomorphism and its significance for a wide range of sub-disciplines of philosophy, from both a historical and a non-historical point of view.  The Aristotelian doctrine of hylomorphism holds that those entities which fall under it are compounds of matter (hylē) and form (morphē).  This event also coincided with the first annual meeting of the Canadian Metaphysics Collaborative.

The 2017 Hylomorphism Conference Program is available here.

Keynote Speakers

Michail Peramatzis (University of Oxford), “Aristotle's Hylomorphism: the Causal-Explanatory Model” (video-recorded lecture; handout)
Sandra Lapointe (McMaster University), “The Form and Matter Distinction in Logic.  And Kant.” (video-recorded lecture)
Kit Fine (New York University), “The Problem of Plenitude” (video-recorded lecture)

Main Program

Speaker: Marko Malink (New York University), “Aristotle on Principles as Elements”
Commentator: Margaret Cameron (University of Victoria)
Chair: Wolfgang Mann (Columbia University)

Speaker: Nathanael Stein (Florida State University), “Definition and the Epistemology of Natural Kinds in Aristotle”
Commentator: Riin Sirkel (University of Vermont)
Chair: Christopher Hauser (Rutgers)

Speaker: Elena Cagnoli Fiecconi (University of Geneva), “Enmattered Virtues”
Commentator: Charlotte Witt (University of New Hampshire)
Chair: Josh Blander (The King’s College, NY)

Speaker: Asya Passinsky (New York University), “A Hylomorphic Theory of Social Objects”
Commentator: Simon Evnine (University of Miami)
Chair: Philip Corkum (University of Alberta)

Speaker: Dana Goswick (University of Melbourne), “Hylomorphism Without Primitive Modality”
Commentator: Michael Raven (University of Victoria)
Chair: Ka Ho Lam (University of Alberta)

Speaker: Robert C. Koons (University of Texas at Austin), “Forms are not Structures”
Commentator: Marcello Fiocco (University of California, Irvine)
Chair: Jeremy W. Skrzypek (Saint Louis University)

Speaker: William Jaworski (Fordham University), “Hylomorphism and Mind-Body Problems”
Commentator: Christopher Frey (University of South Carolina)
Chair: Jeffrey Brower (Purdue University)


Cruz A. Davis (Virgiania Tech), “Complexities and Degrees of Unity”
Joshua Johnson (Saint Louis University), “Strong Emergence and Hylomorphism”
Bryan C. Reece (University of Toronto), “A Hylomorphic Account of Action”
Graham Renz (University of Missouri), “Form as Structure: It’s Not So Simple”
Liva Rotkale (University of Latvia), “Aristotle’s Hylomorphism in a Mereological Framework”

Other Participants

Travis Dumsday (Concordia University of Edmonton)
Ata Hashemi (University of Alberta)
Zi Huang (University of Alberta)
Maryse Ndilu Kiese (University of Alberta)
Tim O’Connor (Indiana University)
Brendan Palla (University of Great Falls)
Mattia Sorgon (University of Alberta)
Emine Hande Tuna (University of Alberta)

Event Photos

Event Sponsors

This research was supported by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada.

This research was supported by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada.