2018 Conference on Language and Essence (2nd Annual CMC Meeting) October 5-7, 2018 , Victoria, British Columbia, organized by Margaret Cameron (University of Victoria) and Michael Raven (University of Victoria). Keynotes: Charlotte Witt (University of New Hampshire), “A Tale of Two Essentialisms”; Gideon Rosen (Princeton): “Knowledge of Essence”; Calvin Normore (UCLA): “The What, the Which, and the Who: Essence Now and Then”.

2017 Hylomorphism Conference (1st Annual CMC Meeting)
Banff Centre, May 11-14, 2017, organized by Kathrin Koslicki (University of Alberta)

Invited Symposium: Metaphysics of Artifacts (March 31, 2016)
Pacific Division Meeting, American Philosophical Association, San Francisco, organized by Michael Raven (University of Victoria)

Chair: Raul Saucedo (University of Colorado-Boulder)
Speaker: Philip Corkum (University of Alberta) “Explaining Artifacts”
Commentator: Simon Evnine (University of Miami)
Speaker: Jessica Wilson (University of Toronto) “The Emergence of Artifacts”
Commentator: Asya Passinsky (New York University)
Speaker: Margaret Cameron (University of Victoria) “The Moving Cause of Artifacts: The Role of Technē in Metaphysical Explanation”
Commentator: Adam Crager (University of California, Los Angeles)

2015 Metaphysics Workshop, "Artifacts and Metaphysical Explanation"
Banff Centre, May 17-20, 2015, organized by Kathrin Koslicki



2016/2017 "Current Research in Metaphysics & Epistemology" Speaker Series
University of Alberta, organized by Kathrin Koslicki (University of Alberta)

September 13, 2016: Allen Hazen (University of Alberta), "Some philosophical choices in modal logic"

October 4, 2016: David Liebesman (University of Calgary), "Neo-Fregean Category Theory"

October 18, 2016: Bernard Linsky (University of Alberta), "On the Contingently Non-Concrete and the Simplest Quantified Modal Logic"

2015/2016 "Current Research in Metaphysics & Epistemology" Speaker Series
University of Alberta, organized by Kathrin Koslicki (University of Alberta)

September 15, 2015: Travis Dumsday, Concordia University of Edmonton, "Kinds, Substances and the Unity Problem: Two Dispositionalist Solutions"

October 27, 2015: Rebecca Mason, University of San Francisco, "Social Facts: Essence and Dependence"

March 14, 2016: Laurie Paul, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill "Preference Capture"

2014 "Current Research in Metaphysics" Speaker Series
University of Alberta, Fall 2014, organized by Kathrin Koslicki

September 16, 2014: Michael Raven, University of Victoria: "Expressing the Truth, Describing the World" 

September 30, 2014: Chris Tillman, University of Manitoba: "The Matter of Serial Fiction" 

October 14, 2014: Jessica Wilson, University of Toronto: "The Metaphysics of Ordinary Objects"

October 28, 2014: Carrie Jenkins, University of British Columbia: "What Is Romantic Love? An Incomplete List of Metaphysical Theories"

November 4, 2014: Ori Simchen, University of British Columbia: "Semantic Endowment" 

November 25, 2014: Margaret Cameron, University of Victoria: "Is Ground Said-in-many-ways?"